Blogging the Blending – Monday 23 January 2012

VTV ‘n me – Cabirau & Le Cirque &…

I bought the 13+ acre Cabirau vineyard in Maury in 2007. Planted entirely to Grenache, there were two wines in that vintage. ’Serge & Tony’, from 20 year old vines, was made at the Penya Cooperative. ‘La Bonte des Amis’, from 60 year old vines, was made at l’Edre.

In early 2008 I joined the Tautavelloise Cooperative, a forward-looking magnet group with members in 10 towns (most Coops only have members from their own village). I exchanged leases with another member to give me Syrah and Carignan, necessary for the Cotes du Roussillon Appellation favored in European markets, while planting some parcels and replanting others with the same grapes.

2007 was a good vintage for Cabirau. 2008 was the best until now. The 2009 I’m currently releasing is pretty good (90 and 91 point ratings from the Wine Advocate). 2010 is pretty but light and will be sold at a lower price.
The 2011s had not finished fermenting, the blends won’t be finished until April, but it is clearly the best vintage yet. Thanks to the new parcels, there is also more wine. YAY!

There will be one or two cuves of Cotes du Roussillon; some of the younger vines may wind up in a blend at a lower price. There will be a Vin de Pays Grenache ‘Serge & Nicolas’ from the 60 year old vines, as there has been since 2008. And there will be a new wine from the new Appellation ‘Maury Sec’. It will be called ‘First Things First’ and will probably feature two amazing tiny lots of Carignan, one from 4 year old vines, the other from a leased vineyard 70 years old.

Up next: Le Cirque & Syrousse


About Dan Kravitz

I am the CEO (Chief Enological Orator) of Hand Picked Selections, a certified wine geek and a foodie and locavore since before the words were invented.
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